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2012, a reflection. and 2013, a resolution.


If someone had sat me down on January 1, 2012 and told me that on December 31, 2012 I would be without the job that I had been living and breathing, I probably would have laughed in his or her face. Not in a cocky way (that’s not my style, y’all), but just in disbelief that something that had been so perfect could, or would, ever be capable of changing. Ah, to be young. But really, so much changed, and that’s not a bad thing.

Reflecting on the year behind us is just one of the post-Christmas rituals we all must deal with. It goes hand in hand with stepping on the scale for the first time after a ten-day eggnog binge, standing in long lines to return things that “don’t fit,” and scrambling to figure out NYE plans without any drama. Don’t get me wrong — I’m in no way mopey about my life right now, I’m actually quite happy because I see extreme value in this time that I have for myself. That being said, it’s hard not to look back without being dogged by the mind’s worst pastime, a memory marathon of “what ifs.” I just think we’d all prefer Law and Order: SVU marathons instead.

Because I believe in the power of positivity (thank god for those Daily Affirmation posts, AMIRITE?), I’ll look back on the most major things from my year and pull out the lessons I learned from each.

I watched my kick-ass mom work incredibly hard to achieve one of her goals (and become a part of a team that’s breaking barriers for women across this country), all with my wonderful father standing right by her side. This, more than anything, has been a lesson on the importance of perseverance and love. Perseverance because she had been told over and over again that she couldn’t do it, and love because you can be strong on your own, but stronger when you embrace the support system that comes to you with open arms.

Speaking of love and mushy stuff, I got engaged to the most wonderful human and began planning a wedding that is “so us.” (Vom. But actually, I’m supah excited. THERE WILL BE PIZZA!) It’s funny, things like marriage and stuff that have always seemed so adult can actually make you feel and act quite childish. I had one cringe-worthy meltdown in the car after trying to find a venue, simply because of all the stress of wanting to please everyone. So, here’s the lesson I learned: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be happy. It’ll come most naturally once you’ve stopped giving a you-know-what about the small stuff. (Note to my future employers: This doesn’t mean I’m not details oriented, okay? Cool.)

Push your mind to keep learning. If you’ve reached the end of the interwebz and it seems as if there isn’t a single Wikipedia page you haven’t read, maybe it’s time to go back to school. I started going to grad school part-time this year and it was like reigniting a part of myself I had completely forgotten about. Guess what? I am a huge nerd. And, even though I complain about being broke, having to read dry text books, and writing papers again after god knows how long, I genuinely adore academia. Perhaps opportunity will stem from that.

And now, the most important lesson of the year. This one does come from the whole job thing. Don’t sit in the passenger seat when it comes to your work life. Me truly loving my day-to-day tasks isn’t one of the job requirements for my boss, my boss’s boss, or my boss’s boss’s boss. That’s all on me. I took an opportunity to leave over a demotion because I am confident enough in myself to go out there and find something that makes me happier. So, when I feel frustrated, I try to recognize that it’s me who took control and that absolves everyone else of blame for the things that didn’t work out. No blame, no bitterness. Does that make sense?

So, we come to 2013. Let’s look forward. I’m going to put some of my resolutions here, just so I can be held accountable.

1. Drink more water. Easy, right? Welp, I hate the way it tastes. If only I felt that way about wine…

2. Get back into running. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and already congratulate myself right now because I signed up to run a 10K in April.

3. Land a job. Yeah… Or, have a hilarious one-note Tumblr that turns into a book, which will be sold at your nearest Urban Outfitters.

4. Send more handwritten notes. I love y’all so much that I’m going to separate myself from my precious iPhone and let you know how much you’re appreciated the old-school way.

5. Take more pictures… and try not to Instagram them. What if we decided we wanted to remember moments just as they were? No X-Pro II, Sierra, or Toaster filters — just you and you friends. Or your home-cooked #humblebrag meal. Or the artsy, foamy lattĂ© from the independent coffee shop. Whatever.

Sorry for the ridiculously long post. And cheers, everyone. Here’s to an amazing 2013! (And a drama-free NYE!)



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reunited and it feels so good.

It had been a long time. Too long. But finally, your favorite funemployed gals are reunited.

After separating for the holidays, K and I met up tonight at Local 16 for a little vino and dinner — a tradition we started the night before we got laid off. To say we didn’t at least see something coming would be a lie, so before the assumed impending lay-offs, K and I sought solace in a pizza and two bottles of Vinho Verde.



We kept it classy (let’s be honest, cost-conscious) this time around and only grabbed one bottle as we chatted about our holidays and how nice it was to have a good chunk of time off without having to battle for vacation days. Conversation naturally turned to looking back on our crazy year and what we want out of 2013. Safe to say we’re pretty excited about what’s ahead, y’all.

Oddly enough we also had the same waitress, who remembered us from that fateful night. We laughed, we hugged (literally, she hugged us when she left), and we tipped well even though we can’t afford it. I mean all she wants on New Year’s Eve is to hang out with her family and be cozy and warm in her favorite socks. She gets us.

Cheers to a new year with all the fresh starts, new beginnings, and welcome changes it will bring!



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daily affirmation.

daily affirmation.

here’s to new years and new chapters!



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i gotta feeling.

… that 2013’s gonna be a good, good year.

If you’re from a Southern family (like I am), chances are your first meal on New Year’s involves black eyed peas with pork, greens (collard is traditional, but we usually have cabbage), and cornbread. It’s a tradition/superstition that people who eat these on the first day of the new year will be blessed with riches and wealth, and my Ma has been whipping ’em up since as long as I can remember.

However, the boys (my Dad and Brother currently live on the West Coast) are headed back before the sun sets on 2012, so last night my Ma made sure they wouldn’t miss out on their chance at (likely fame-less) fortune.


This is just one of the many, many delicious meals my Ma has cooked up in the last few days. Which means right now I really should be off to meet my trainer…

Here’s to the final days in what has become a very long, but very rewarding December!



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daily affirmation.


Someone I used to work with had this card sitting on her desk and I always loved it. She recently sent me a picture of it; definitely even more poetically inspiring now. Thanks, D! 🙂



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breaking bad santa.


Echoing K’s apologies for no proper posts over the holidays. But just like K, I’ve been caught up in a flurry of family time, which for me has been largely consumed with bonding over wholesome family programming like AMC’s Breaking Bad.

You guys can keep your George Baileys and Buddy the Elfs (bad grammar intended). If a show about a high school chemistry teacher turned producer of methamphetamine doesn’t get you in the holiday spririt, well I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Or your family.

My brother has been trying to get us to watch for a while, and my Dad and I finally… broke. It all started a couple days before Christmas, and now we’re well into season 3.

It’s good. Like, rill rill good, y’all. Everything the critics say is true. Bryan Cranston is a genius, but my favorite part of the show is Aaron Paul’s portrayal of drug dealer Jesse Pinkman (bitch). I could seriously make this post a love letter to him; it’s a shame he’s only 5’8″ (and engaged, details). But he has apparently very deservedly won two Emmy’s. Even if you, for whatever reason, chose to remind yourself all about how It’s a Wonderful Life during the holidays, you should put this on your must-see list for 2013.

The only break we’ve really taken (aside from eating faaar too much rib roast and potato casserole) was to revive a tradition we started last year: watching Bad Santa on Christmas Eve. Here’s to quality family time around the holidays! Hope everyone enjoyed time away from the office, however you chose to celebrate.



P.S. Miss you too, K!

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just living in a winter wonderland.

Oh, hi. It’s me! Your long-lost blogger. Please forgive me, as I went missing in a hurricane of family functions, snow, and wine.

Just to recap, S and I returned to our dear District last Wednesday. The future Mr. K and I drove and spent the night in Connecticut on Thursday, eventually making our way to New Hampshire (for damn sure) on Friday. Essentially, I drove the entire east coast in four days. Exhausting, yes, but we didn’t waste any time catching up with old friends.

Christmas Eve with my family was amazing as always. I did get a few slow, sympathetic hugs (“how are youuuuu?” “are youuuuuu alright?”). All sympathy disappeared once they a) saw my tan and b) recognized how genuinely happy I am during this transitional period in my life. Funemployment FTW.

It was snowing when we woke up on Christmas morning. ‘Twas a Christmas miracle, y’all. After a delicious Christmas Day dinner at a rustic New England farmhouse, we hopped back in the car for Christmas #2 in CT. To make the trip fly by, I dug up a few of my old CDs… Don’t be jealous.


Please allow me to get reeeeally cheesy for a moment: I’m very lucky to be a part of two families I love. Future Mr. K’s fam is a lot of fun, just like mine. We even had a second Christmas morning on the 26th.

We finally went to see Lincoln last night. When we walked in, it was just very cold. When we walked out, there was two inches of snow on the ground and crazy flurries. To be fair, it is a long movie. Getting back was quite the adventure, but we rewarded ourselves with drinks and a game of Cards Against Humanity… with my future mother-, father-, and sister-in-law. Yes, a bold move. And I’m pretty sure they think I’m a terrible human now. I’m not even going to recount some of the cards I forced them to read out loud.

Little tidbits that didn’t quite fit into real paragraphs but I wanted to include: S and I both got new laptops for Christmas and they match… just like our old ones; I’ve had a few job interviews and I forgot how much I actually enjoy them; and omg freshly fallen snow is so beautiful.



PS- miss you, S! We will be reunited soon.

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