the good old (town) days.

Sometimes having teachers as roommates is the best (I mean, it’s never bad, but sometimes it’s just so convenient). One of those lucky days is Emancipation Day. It’s only recognized in DC, but on this day, schools are out, and kids and teachers alike are free to celebrate their… freedom.

H and I chose to do so down in Old Town Alexandria. I haven’t been there in ages, and we put it on our DC To-Do Bucket List months ago. The day started out sort of cloudy, but cleared up by the early afternoon.

restaurant eve

Our first stop was Restaurant Eve for lunch. We had each heard about this place separately from friends, and it did not disappoint. It’s a classy establishment, with classy prices, but luckily for us budget-minded folks, they do serve up a $15 pick-two-items lunch menu from 11:30-3:30 Tuesday-Friday. H and I opted for a lunch entreé + dessert. I had antelope for the first time (delish), followed by an individual-sized, adorable birthday cake. A vegetarian, H selected a shittake mushroom salad and finished her meal with this delightful almond cream with strawberry sorbet. There were some fancier words in the menu item name, but I don’t remember them.

The food was delightful, but so was the company. Specifically the bartender, who we heard telling war stories to the person next to us. Or, the guy who came in and sat next to me and proceeded to ask which cocktail on the menu was the strongest. Speaking of the cocktail menu, the names are genius. Including the “I’m the Taylor Swift of Cocktails!”, which rumor has it, starts off smooth… until it gets bitter. HEY-O.

old town tour

Then we walked down to the water, dropped into the torpedo factory, and finally did some shopping. (I haven’t been shopping in four months.) I need new work clothes, and there was a sale at Loft; it was the perfect combination. Maybe I didn’t NEED that hot pink blazer, but ima make it work. We finished the day at Killer E.S.P., a charming coffee shop on King Street. E (espresso) S (sorbet) P (pies) was adorable, and came complete with a little French bulldog running around the place. Also, they have flatliners — lattes with 4 shots of espresso — that are fantastic and expectedly REALLY strong. I got the salted caramel. Iced, obviously. Yum.

I finished the night back in DC at a happy hour for a former coworker who is moving out to Cali- California. He was my first intern, and I managed him for a long time before passing him off to K to manage. MPQ is  a great guy, and DC is losing one funny man. But I’m so excited for him, and know he is going to do so many great things out West. San Fran, get ready.

me + MPQ

Today, I’m taking it easy. My allergies are the worst in the morning these days, so after some time in bed, I rolled into a coffee shop for a little work and lunch. I’m being really ambitious and wearing my gym clothes. We’ll see what happens next.



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