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it’s the final countdown: days 2 and 3.

So I’ve made it halfway through my final Funemployed week. And I have to say, I’ve at least a little bit made up for spending all day on the couch Monday. (Although to many reading this in their cubes, that probably sounds perfect and lovely. And it was).

Tuesday morning I got up and went to get a massage. My gym’s spa (yes, it’s a fancy place) has 15% off on Tuesdays. And because I could go, like, whenever, I was able to make an appointment with the guy everyone raves about on Yelp: Jean. He really is the best. I felt so relaxed after my time on his bed that I immediately went to Starbucks for a little pick-me-up to get on with the rest of my day. I ended up running into an old friend, and got to catch up with her for a while, before heading to grab lunch and get some work done.

But speaking of my gym… If anyone asked me what the first thing I wanted to purchase when I was with-income again, my answer was always the same: I WANT MY TRAINER BACK. WELL, guys, next Tuesday Nancy and I will be reunited once again. And i’m SO excited. I have been doing a little bit of stress eating this past month and making myself busy with anything but activities that involve a whole lot of physical exertion. This is going to be great. (Remind me I said that next week.)

Speaking of overeating… H and I had a lady date with R (one of my besties from college) and R’s roommate… other R. The R’s live up in Chevy Chase, so I got to cross off another DC bucket list restaurant: Comet Ping Pong. A hipster-quirky pizza place on Connecticut Avenue, the menu is diverse and delicious. I got the Rodrigo — lime salsa, beef, onions, some other stuff I can’t remember. And they have gluten-free crust for all yous gluten-free people out there.

Comet Ping Pong - Rodrigo

Today I spent my morning setting up some appointments (or trying to), getting my ‘brows done, and heading to a coffee shop for lunch and a little bit o’ work. Then I continued my dedication to Overeaters Not-So-Anonymous by grabbing a ton of food from my future place of work for a little menu testing. It was delightful.

But also made me so full I barely had the energy to go see Ben Rector’s show at the 9:30 Club. Who, you ask? Well H and I were asking the same question when 9:30 sent out their Upcoming Shows email last week and described him not only as a man who could play some instruments, but who could keep a gal laughing in between songs. We were sold on description alone, then Spotify’d some of his tunes — just some light, poppy, guy-with-a-guitar-sometimes-keyboard jams. And it’s rare to get some breathing room at a non-sold out 9:30 club show. The couple mauling each other and the other maybe-not-a-couple-that-included-a-guy-who-SRSLY-cant-dance enjoyed this as well. Check him out; the show was as promised — entertaining through and through — and even included an improvised song about bacon.

photo (69)

Also, I’m now finally halfway through Season 2 of Homeland. SERIOUSLY WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THIS AND NOT WATCHING ALREADY???



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[not pictured: punch brothers]

Y’all, I’m 2-for-2 on this concert-every-month resolution. Just thought you should know.

Lumineers last week, squeaking by on the second-to-last day in January, followed by the Punch Brothers tonight. Sorry I didn’t get a good picture; slash, what concert iPhone shots are ever really good?

So i’ll just tell you this: The Punch Brothers are some real nice fellas; who can play their instruments real, reeeeal good; and they look miiiiighty fine in suits. By the end I was wayyy exhausted after my early morning, but the show was so worth it.

Now the real question: Who should I see in March?



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classy girls don’t kiss in bars, you fool.

Ho Hey, guys. After I (along with everyone else I talked to) got shut out of the Lumineers pre-sale yesterday, my still-on-winter-break roommate and I decided to get more aggressive. This morning, we bundled up and headed over to the 930 Club box office, which purportedly would have fee-free tickets available.

We were numbers 5 and 6 in the line, and by 10:15, we each walked away with 4 coveted concert tickets. Our working friends, who were chained to their computers furiously typing super clear and straightforward human-verifying codes into Ticketmaster, were relieved at the news. Turns out making things happen IRL, off-line, really is a better way to live sometimes.

(Also, as this show is a few weeks away (barely) in January, this keeps me on my resolution to see a show a month.)

We followed up our win with a rewarding breakfast at nearby Blind Dog Cafe. If you haven’t been to this little corner shop, you’re missing out. We each grabbed our own comfy couch to enjoy our coffee and pimento cheese breakfast sandwiches made with fresh homemade croissants.


To make this day even more productive, I had a quick phone screen …for a job I wasn’t qualified for, but the recruiter is going to pass my resume along for one I might be.

And now I’m doing a little job searching before cleaning my room — aka my least favorite chore. Seriously, if anyone wants to come do it for me, I might even be willing to part w/ a few pennies (literally pennies, sorry).




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