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it’s the final countdown: day 1.


Okay, before we get to my last Monday of Funemployment, a few quick weekend recap:

It was fun, fast, and filled with friends — some of whom I hadn’t hung out with in quite a while. Sunday in particular was notable, as it was marked with my first trip to Union Market (something on that DC to-do bucket list) and was filled with more than a fair share of blonde moments courtesy of me and my fellow fair-haired friend, KR.

For the record, Union Market is great. But don’t go if you’re not hungry; it’s basically just a building filled with a bunch of little countertop restaurants — and one produce guy if you were hoping to make your food at home.

Other highlights included a stop in one of my favorite local shops, Pulp. If you haven’t been, it’s this great card/gift shop on 14th Street. I stopped by on Sunday to pick up a few Thank You cards, but I always love finding gems like this…


As for my Monday, I woke up after a ridiculous 11 hours of sleep feeling the worst. So, I checked out my Final Funemployed Days to-do list and found the perfect activity for curling up on the sofa: Watch Homeland.

Everyone has either recommended this to me or has also had about 15 of their friends recommend it. Well, BELIEVE THE HYPE, Y’ALL. I’m writing this post at 2:30 a.m. because I just. can’t.stop. I’ve made it through episode 10, but am making myself stop. Mostly so I can wake up and be somewhat productive tomorrow.

Other recent obsessions:

1. Free Flow for the iPhone.

2. Brussels sprouts. Seriously, I’ve made them the last like 6 days — with pasta, roasted alone, roasted with apples, chicken sausage, and onions. They’re just so good. I mean look at ’em:

brussels sprouts

So many addictions, so little free time. Like seriously, I can feel the time floating away. I better get some rest.



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this is my two weeks notice.

Well, y’all, the time has finally come.

In the middle of last week, I got my first job offer. Then, a mere hours later, I got my second. (Sorry for the delay in posting; wanted to make sure my offer letter was signed, sealed, delivered before jinxing it publicly.)

Just like K, in the end, I had two choices:

1. A communications job that got me back into writing and editing, along with the responsibility of driving content online and managing social media.
2. A marketing/communications job that is more out of my comfort zone. It offers a deeper dive into the social media / marketing world, which my last job let me dip my toes into. This job is at a fast-growing restaurant group, which is huge globally, but expanding quickly in the U.S.

It may come as no surprise considering how this blog was started, that I chose the latter. It’s going to be an adventure and I’m so, so excited about it. (A huge thank you to everyone who took my phone calls while I was making my decision.)

I’ll save the reflective post all about what  Funemployment has meant to me for right before I start the new job. In the meantime, I’m going to send this time of my life out in style. Yesterday was my last day of temping, and I have two weeks before going back to an office full-time. Also, it’s spring in DC, and therefore gorgeous outside.

So, I’m currently making an epic to-do list (which, yes, might include watching ALL of Homeland), and will of course blog all my adventures. On the docket today: Exploring Old Town Alexandria with my roommate, a DC teacher who has today off because it’s Emancipation Day.

This is also a public plea for everyone who knows me personally: We have two weeks to get coffee / lunch / drinks during the day / before I’m a real human with a less flexible schedule.

Let’s do this.



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lifelong commitments & temp engagements.

Where to even begin.

I had an incredible weekend seeing one of my best friends from high school get married. I was fortunate enough to be in the wedding, which meant a full Friday afternoon rehearsing and reliving the past before starting Saturday early at a hair salon. Don’t worry, we were smart (and lucky) enough to have mimosas and delicious breakfast there as well.

KW & M are just so lovely together. I’m so happy my friend found such a genuine, caring guy. And obviously I think he’s pretty lucky as well.


I spent most of Sunday recovering from all the fun. Then laughing harder than I have in a long time hanging out with my roommates while watching / judging the Country Music Awards. But in all seriousness, without judgment: Blake Shelton, I love you.

So another thing that happened on Friday: I got a call from this boutique temp agency where one of my mom’s friends works. They got a job in they thought might be good for me while I still go on interviews. Obviously, I am in no place to turn down such a favor. And the people at this agency are so, so sweet and great to work with.

I went in for my first day today not really sure what to expect. I’ll be acting as a communications associate for the organization — managing some social media, helping round up press clips. It was a good first day — as temporary as the time might be — and everyone was so lovely and nice.

Oh, also, my day was 14 hours long.

Fourteen. I went from a relaxing 4-month stretch of not stepping foot in an office to a 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. day. Now, I was forewarned they wanted / needed me to live Tweet a meeting for them tonight, and I didn’t mind doing it. But it was a bit jarring to go from setting my own schedule to having my whole day consumed sitting at a computer. Especially when the weather was an UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS 70 degrees today.

I’m not sure what my schedule looks like the rest of the week, but it’s a part-time gig, so the days will likely not all be 14 hours. (I’m bad at math, but that just don’t seem to add up, AMIRITE?) But I’m lucky to have such a great network here, and lucky to have a temp opportunity that will give me some applicable skills to what I want to do eventually.

And there’s a little more movement on the more-permanent job front. So, fingers crossed for that. In the meantime, I’m gonna go fall asleep listening to the soothing sounds of Mr. Shelton’s new album.



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welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

… Said all of you to me. At least I hope it’s a *welcome* back. Hopefully people are still dedicated to reading this here blog…

The last two weeks have honestly been a bit crazy. More job interviews (yay!), visiting friends (yay!), no time to write (the opposite of yay!).

Instead of giving you grafs on grafs on grafs of boring life updates, I’ll give ya a quick (ish) list:

1. I discovered perk #412 of being Funemployed last Monday. The bestie in San Diego, M, had taken the day off work, and was unexpectedly kicked out of her apartment when the maids her roommie hired came to do their work. Who ya gonna call? Obviously the one person you know who is available for a catch-up in the middle of the afternoon.

2. K got an espresso machine as an early wedding present, which turns out is great for all of us. In exchange for going to see an apartment with her last week (future Mr. K was out of town), I got a homemade (free!) SKVL using Grandma Starbucks’ recipe. Delightful.


3. I’ve become a little bit obsessed with New Girl. If I’ve gotten one thing from my friends during this time of increased freedom, it’s TV show recommendations. Not many of them have caught on, to be honest, but I love the actor who plays Nick (Jake Johnson), so I decided to give it a try. And now I’ve watched the same four episodes (post Nick & Jess kiss, of course) about 47 times too many. In related news, I might be about to give Scandal a try. And no, I haven’t finished The West Wing yet. THERE’S NEVER ENOUGH TIME.

4. Anyone have any good book recommendations?

5. My friend L was in DC this weekend to celebrate her birthday. Even though we didn’t get to catch up as much as we’d like — she got a lot of friends, y’all — it was a great time. Included among other things: drinking, eating, watching The Lion King (along with its companion drinking game; the Internet really does have everything), recovering from said drinking and eating.

6. H and our other roommate B are both on Spring Break, which started on Friday. So far our activities have included: drinking, eating (mostly at our new favorite Pleasant Pops), and sitting in Meridian Hill Park watching some people make a movie. H and I were supposed to go to the Nationals opening day today, but I can no longer deny I’m sick (probably just allergies), and all me and my seemingly 47-pound head can handle right now is sitting on our garage roof to soak in the beautiful weather.

7. BUT the biggest accomplishment of my weekend has to be reclaiming my great Stegosaurus masterpiece. About 8 months ago, I went to one of those painting + wine classes and went rogue; instead of following the instructor, I let my imagination run wild. The result was of course a bright orange dinosaur on a teal background with “Old School” written below it. Oh, and it was wearing sunglasses. Very Miami Vice. Very cheerful. Very me. I then went straight to C’s house, and I happened to leave it behind… In the meantime, he treated it well and found a place for it on his kitchen wall. I appreciate him looking after it, but I always warned there would be a time I would need it back. That time was Saturday night.

The Great Escape: Original painting, outside the scene of the crime, outside the home, inside the home.

The Great Escape: Original painting, outside the scene of the crime, outside the home, inside the home.

In order to avoid a scene, H and I snuck the painting to the front door while everyone was having a great time drinking in the living room. Then as C was saying goodbye to people, H perhaps somewhat awkwardly ran the painting outside so we could just grab as we were walking out.

C, I’m sorry but

He is happy here at home…


8. Happy April 1st // Fool’s Day! I swear everything mentioned above is true and accurate. Here’s hoping money showers from the sky in April, or that I get a job or something. AT THE VERY LEAST I’ll try to finish The West Wing. Or New Girl. Or Scandal…



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this is real life.

Things I should be doing right now:

1. Going to the gym.

2. Going grocery shopping.

3. Writing follow-up Thank You emails.

4. Cleaning my room // doing laundry.

5. ANYTHING other than…

What I’m actually doing right now:

1. Watching all of the rap battles from “8 Mile” on YouTube.

Talk about overcoming challenges. Be inspired, my little Rabbits.

(Might go without saying, but some seriously NSFW language up in that video.)



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one Pleasant day.

Pleasant Pops - Strawberry Ginger Lemonade

I’m trying, y’all. Really trying to stick to my budget — eggs in the morning, homemade sandwiches for lunch, whatever I can scrounge up for dinner. But sometimes, $12 spent on a sandwich and a drink at a local coffee shop goes a long way to buying a little sanity with a lovely afternoon outside the house. Not to mention the people watching.

‘Twas the scene today: After watching The West Wing working all morning, I headed out in the beautiful 50-degree weather for a little walk before ending up at Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe on Florida Ave. It was my first time here, and let me tell you this place is so charming.

The decor is lovely, but more so the staff is very, well, pleasant. I was there for a few hours, and heard the owner tell everyone who walked in all about the local products he just got in — Virgina peanut butter, honey, a mango-pineapple salsa from Baltimore they had out to sample. (I love me some mango salsa, so one taste was all I needed to be persuaded into buying a jar. #smartmoves) But it wasn’t annoying to hear the spiel over and over — it was nice to see someone so, so genuinely excited about supporting local businesses. …Another reason said mango salsa was even more appealing.

So, Pleasant Pops started as a popsicle dispensary — they travel to Farmer’s Markets and have their own truck. The tasty treats are much talked about, so I was excited to finally try one alongside my iced chai latte. But first, the sandwich menu (and well everything else) caught my eye. Let me tell you: Do not just come here for dessert. The Pear Cheese Sandwich (pictured below) — a blend of goat cheese and pear with lettuce on grilled sourdough — is INCREDIBLE. I then had a hard time choosing a pop flavor — the menu is split between dairy and non-dairy — but finally settled on the Strawberry Ginger Lemonade (pictured above). It did not disappoint.

pleasant pops Pear Cheese sandwich & iced chai latte

I’ve already told H we’re going back ASAP so I can try the Brussels Sprouts salad… and maybe another sandwich… and some more salsa… and a dairy popsicle… and… you get it.

Now it’s back to homemade dinners. But this time with a milestone: For the first time in… well, I think ever… I’m making something with TOMATOES in it. I’ve been trying to get myself to stop ordering things without them — I don’t hate the taste, just need to learn to love the texture — but I think I’m ready to take it one step further. And cherry tomatoes are just so easy to chop.

dinner supplies



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guest post: oh darling, let’s be adventurers.

While I may be a lonely blogger on this here site, the city is home to some lovely Funemployed companions. One such person is our friend C; technically speaking he’s just between jobs, not true Funemployed. But, here’s proof at least that I’m not the only income-less (even temporarily) adventurer out here.

Afternoon, y’all.
My name is C. I’m a rather handsome friend of S and K’s who was also given the boot from the start-up where we all worked. However, I was given 60 days working notice, so I’ve only been living in the world of Funemployment for the past three weeks. I start my new job on Monday, but while I have my freedom, I figure it’s a great time to post something clever and interesting on this blog. I mean… this thing is getting more hits than Ray Lewis’s wife. I need a piece of this action. A small piece.
And as you can see I’m not a Ravens fan. Good for them for winning. Whatever.Like S, I have been using my ample time off to do a lil soul searching, a lil coffee shopping, and of course, a few trips outside of our home in DC. My time off has actually allowed me start my own blog. I am not shameless enough to plug it here, but I’ve certainly got the bug. (EDITOR’S NOTE FROM S: I’ll do it for him, thechrismcclellan.com)What can I say that hasn’t already been stated so eloquently in these posts? As you can see, S has been venturing to Philly, San Diego, and NYC (a trip I happened to be apart of) during her time.

C -Seattle
I have recently returned from a week long adventure in Seattle and a three day party in central Virginia where, among many things, I received my first mandolin lesson. It’s rill rill difficult to play, and it looks ridiculous on me because of the size difference (crack your best tall joke here)…but I still had a great time.
mandolin.My only advice from two years at the start-up and now some seriously awesome funemployment? Get to it kids. You’ve only got one shot, so don’t miss your chance to blow. And If anyone can give you sage advice on living your life, it’s Eminem.And read this blog. These daily affirmations will always cure what ails ya.Forward,


Thanks, C. Here’s to more adventures for all of us!



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