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all good things must come to an end.

photo (75)

Tomorrow is my first day at the new job. We all knew this day was going to come.

Guys, it has been one wild ride. K came over tonight to give me a lovely end-of-Funemployment gift (see above) and do some reflectin’ and editin’ for this post. And warning: It ain’t a short one. So, I’ll summarize my thoughts here… If you choose to read no further than this, I want you to know that the last 5 months have been some of the, if not THE absolute, best of my life.

Also know that my following thoughts don’t include the recently discovered meaning of life or specific revelations about what I’m going to do with the rest of my life.

I didn’t learn these things. But I did learn that I have some really amazing friends, an incredible support system in my family, and that it pays — REALLY PAYS — to save money for years on years on years. I have 16- to 26-year-old S to thank for my good fortune these last few months. Because of her dedication to working multiple jobs in college and putting those birthday checks directly into savings (with a little help from the ‘rents), I got to enjoy myself in a relatively panic-free Funemployment.

If we can revisit that oddly warmish November day when K and I left our old jobs for just one moment… Bless my parents for taking my manic phone calls in the minutes I had to decide my fate. And of course they did their parental duty by giving me the obvious, reasonable, responsible advice: Stay. It’s better to find a job when you have a job.

I heard them. I really did. I understood what they were saying and WHY they were saying that. And let me tell you, in a lot of ways they’re right. You have a lot of ‘splaining to do with that hole on your resume.

I also knew I had to leave. However, I can sit here and write all about my gut and where it was leading me and how I always trust it etc. But it’s one thing to know what you want/should do and quite another to have the courage — the balls — to actually DO IT. I can say with confidence that I would not have left without K leaving with me. Your friends are there to support you and tell you everything is going to be okay, but sometimes they’re also there to leap right off the cliff with you, holding your hand. K, I’ll never forget, even though your time was much shorter, that this was something we started together. Friends push each other to be better, to want better for themselves, and I thank you for that support. Always.

It has been an incredible 5 months., including trips to visit friends / new cities — from Florida to New York to San Diego to Philly. Here’s my little (or not-so-little) list of what I’m taking with me from this whole experience. Let’s call it…

The Most Unofficial Guide to Funemployment: Lessons Learned while Grievin’ and Growin’

1. Cry. Like, cry a lot. If you’re like me, you may not have been totally happy with your former job, but you certainly weren’t unhappy. You’ll miss the routine, you’ll miss feeling a part of something, and holy hell you’ll miss the people. Grieve it. K and I left on a Thursday afternoon and took the weekend — 2 and a half days — to mourn the loss of jobs we poured everything we had into for 2 and a half years. It was so, so necessary. And if I had spent the weekend trying to pep myself up instead of letting myself feel loss, I don’t think I would have moved on so quickly. It truly is like a break-up. It also is a great way for your friends to show you how ridiculously amazing they are. I’ll always, always remember the people who sat with K and I as we cried in a bar that Thursday night. And the ones who on Friday came to my house with a delightfully punny care package. I mean I’m sure listening to me cry while eating string cheese on my sofa was exactly what KR had planned for her Friday. 

2. The best way is to get over it is to find something productive on which to focus your energy. Whatever your feelings about your old job, it’s just weird to not have anything to do during the day. At first SOAPNet might seem too alluring to miss out on. Don’t cave… yet. The blog was K and my little passion project — a way for us to channel our energy into something that felt productive at least for part of the day. Then we could retreat back to our homes, bake cookies, and pop bottles at 2 p.m. (André, obviously. But letsbehonest, that’s regardless of budget.)

3. Believe in yourself. Cliché, maybe, but SO important. You are going to feel like shit sometimes. I mean complete and total shit. You will have moments where you have an overwhelming feeling that you are now officially, 100% un-hirable, that your parents are disappointed in you, and that Jason Segel really is never going to be your husband. That too shall pass. You’ll realize (most of) your fears are just untrue. (This realization usually comes around the time you sober up…) I’m lucky in that I can count these really rough days on one hand — but I also still remember each one; they come fast and furious. But don’t let these down moments force you to question the process / what you’re meant to be doing. Don’t take the first job you are offered just because it’s a job. I turned down a job earlier in the process because I knew it wasn’t a good fit for me. The money would have been nice. The people were so sweet. But I also knew that I left my last job for something greater; if I just wanted a paycheck, I would have stayed.

4. At my last job, my coworkers became my friends. My friends became my coworkers. My life was my job in a lot of ways. I’ve always sort of defined my success by what I’m doing at work. Obviously you can’t rely on that when you don’t have a job. And that is hard. Really hard, sometimes. But this time has helped me find value in other things — hobbies, friends, exploring other interests. It’s allowed me to find value in myself and what I’m doing outside of the office. A nice reminder that you’re a person, not a position.

5. Have fun and a little faith. After you believe you WILL find a job again, the hardest part is the huge unknown: the WHEN. It can be paralyzing sometimes; especially when you see your savings account getting smaller and smaller. But in those moments, I tried to always imagine future me, in her new job, looking back on her Funemployed days. I won’t regret a minute of it because I used my time wisely; or at least I like to think so. I traveled, I saw friends, I kept up writing and editing, I discovered some really great coffee shops (and the people who work and hang in them). I took the time — and sometimes the money — to live it up with what we all wish we had sometimes: unlimited free time.

In the end, I just really want to say thank you to my friends and family. Again. And Again.

To all my friends who were there with me during this, y’all are some of the best a girl could ask for. Whether you were crying in a bar with me, coming to my house and offering comfort when I needed it the most, doing the same from afar, or just generally being my partners in crime, you guys have done way more than I could ever ask of you. And I hope I get to return the feelings and favors and all of the above in full one day.

To my family, I love you. Thank you for all of your support. I think having such good, strong examples in my parents helped me have the confidence in myself to take this journey. And the idea that perhaps there’d be a safety net if I truly, truly crashed and burned. (Thank God for all of us that didn’t happen.)

I’ve been saying it from the beginning, to the middle, and now the end. Truly, truly, I believe…




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lifelong commitments & temp engagements.

Where to even begin.

I had an incredible weekend seeing one of my best friends from high school get married. I was fortunate enough to be in the wedding, which meant a full Friday afternoon rehearsing and reliving the past before starting Saturday early at a hair salon. Don’t worry, we were smart (and lucky) enough to have mimosas and delicious breakfast there as well.

KW & M are just so lovely together. I’m so happy my friend found such a genuine, caring guy. And obviously I think he’s pretty lucky as well.


I spent most of Sunday recovering from all the fun. Then laughing harder than I have in a long time hanging out with my roommates while watching / judging the Country Music Awards. But in all seriousness, without judgment: Blake Shelton, I love you.

So another thing that happened on Friday: I got a call from this boutique temp agency where one of my mom’s friends works. They got a job in they thought might be good for me while I still go on interviews. Obviously, I am in no place to turn down such a favor. And the people at this agency are so, so sweet and great to work with.

I went in for my first day today not really sure what to expect. I’ll be acting as a communications associate for the organization — managing some social media, helping round up press clips. It was a good first day — as temporary as the time might be — and everyone was so lovely and nice.

Oh, also, my day was 14 hours long.

Fourteen. I went from a relaxing 4-month stretch of not stepping foot in an office to a 9:30 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. day. Now, I was forewarned they wanted / needed me to live Tweet a meeting for them tonight, and I didn’t mind doing it. But it was a bit jarring to go from setting my own schedule to having my whole day consumed sitting at a computer. Especially when the weather was an UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS 70 degrees today.

I’m not sure what my schedule looks like the rest of the week, but it’s a part-time gig, so the days will likely not all be 14 hours. (I’m bad at math, but that just don’t seem to add up, AMIRITE?) But I’m lucky to have such a great network here, and lucky to have a temp opportunity that will give me some applicable skills to what I want to do eventually.

And there’s a little more movement on the more-permanent job front. So, fingers crossed for that. In the meantime, I’m gonna go fall asleep listening to the soothing sounds of Mr. Shelton’s new album.



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how’s the weather, heather?

Your cubicle just doesn’t have the same view, does it?

It’s a ridiculously pleasant 67 degrees in the District right now. After a morning spent doing some work — in and out of the gym — I’m out of the house, away from the laptop.

No jacket, iced coffee, J.Tim in the headphones, a little (necessary) shopping, and a weekday people-watching session in Logan Circle — a luxury afforded to the unemployed… and these possible drug dealers two benches down…

It’s a pretty perfect day.



(The title of the post is specifically for the enjoyment of my roommate. Although rhyming is fun for everyone, right?)

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it’s all about the benjamins, baby.



In less than two months, we have managed to post 100 times on this here blog. (Well, this is number 100, to be exact.)

To celebrate, we’d like to offer up 100% of our gratitude to anyone and everyone out there who takes the time to read our random updates, enjoy our daily affirmations, and support us (online and offline) during these days of our lives.

… And because we know how much our gratitude means to you, in return we will be accepting donations in denominations of $100.

Thanks for supporting the Funemployed!

Onward & Upward,

K & S

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stay classy, san diego.

Hope y’all have been inspired these last few days by the affirmations. Sorry for lack of real posts.

After a whirlwind weekend in NYC, I was home for two quiet days before jet-setting to the opposite end of the country. My best friend from college, M, lives in San Diego, and for the last few years we’ve alternated visiting each other for our birthdays. This year, I told her I just couldn’t afford the trip. Then her cousin (and current roomie) B and I conspired behind her back after I found some cheap tickets. However, M’s a modern day Angela Lansbury, and she used her detective skills to take benign “clues” and transform them into signs I was coming. She was still surprised, but I suppose it’s hard to truly surprise someone who knows you so well.


The trip flew by. There was warm weather, beaches, fish tacos, a party bus, fire ball shots, new friends, breakfast burritos, and a lot of good quality time with my bestie. And if DC is an awkward city to be unemployed in — what with all the ambition and power been thrown around — San Diego is probably one of the best. People bask in their laid back lifestyle; having jobs they might not love is an okay trade-off for days spent living by the beach and in houses a stone’s throw from their friends. It actually felt a lot like being in college again. I was sad to leave.

A few highlights:

– I ate shark. It tastes like… fish.
– Sunday Funday football starts so early. Which is nice because you can be back at the house (totally, completely sober, Dad…) by 9 p.m. after eating some of the best fish tacos you’ve ever had.
– Calvin Harris is NOT a big hit among the dive bar crowds. Take note next time you’re selecting music in the juke box.
– “Having twins is like going to Costco.” – M
– I should start watching “Pretty Little Liars.”

Overall it was such a great visit. I loved seeing M and B, and I love that she has such great friends out in Cali to keep her company until the next time I can make it out there. Or until I convince her to move here… or wherever I end up…

That’s sadly the end of my planned travels… for now. Who knows what’s next! (Suggestions and generous donations welcome.)



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old game of S and mouse.

I live with four roommates. I love each of them so, so dearly. But one perk of having days free has been having free reign of the house after 7:30 a.m.

Until recently. The moment you realize you’re not alone in your house is a terrifying feeling. Especially when that realization comes from hearing scurrying across the carpet around your bed.

We’ve been dealing with a mouse in the kitchen area — you know where we keep all the food and sustenance — for a while. But now one (let’s just say one for the sake of my sanity) has decided the third floor of our row house is a better place to be. So, here was my big purchase for the day:

photo (64)

photo (63)

Here’s the real conundrum: I really want to catch this intruder. However, I have no interest in releasing the deceased visitor as pictured above, being forced to watch it spiral in slow motion toward a trash can while Only the Good Die Young plays (in my head). If anyone would like to be a hero and take on this task, please inquire within. It should come as no surprise — as you’re reading a blog about me being (f)unemployed — that payment will come in the form of hugs and heartfelt compliments.

As I was awoken by these sounds waaaaaay too early this morning, today got off to a rough and sleepless start. The rest of my day reads like an unemployed cliché:

— Continued a book I told K I’d have done weeks ago. Read about 5 pages.

— Started cleaning my room. But like purging, not like just shove-that-dress-that-is-now-two-sizes-too-big-into-your-dresser cleaning. Got overwhelmed and just made piles and triple-checked there was no hidden food for my new roommate.

— Started the first episode of a show I told my friend I’d watch (more on that later). Realized I should probably be doing other things.

— Like taking a nap. A serious, two-hour afternoon nap. To be fair, it was my first since becoming unemployed.

I suppose some days just aren’t going to be as productive as others; especially coming after a long road trip. But as Annie taught us, the sun will come out tomorrow. Except for you, mouse. She wasn’t talking to you…



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