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wine barrels of fun.

So this weekend I spent the last of my Funemployed days helping K say goodbye to the single life. Along with 7 of other gals from parts of K’s life, I had a fantastic weekend wining and dining around DC and Charlottesville.

We spent Friday night in DC with a delightful dinner at Ripple in Cleveland Park (mmm cheese plates!), before retiring to the Omni in Woodley Park. Early Saturday we awoke and got on the road, accompanied with Starbucks and Bethesda Bagels.

It was smooooth sailing, until about 15 miles from our hotel, when the car I was in broke down … The exhaust may or may not have fallen off. So the entire caravan pulled over and waited for our soon-to-be BFF Gene, the AAA tow truck driver, to arrive.

After dropping the car off at a local auto body shop, we booked it and managed to make  it to the hotel just in time to hop in our private van for a day winery hopping around Charlottesville. We made it to three — King Family, Stinson, and Veritas. They were all great, but everyone agreed the first was their favorite. Dinner was at this fantastic restaurant, The Local. Go there and get the truffle Mac and cheese and the trout with crispy avocado. So good.

The rest of the weekend was spent drinking, dancing, brunching, etc etc.

Now I’m at home, exhausted, and gearing up for my big first day at the new job TOMORROW. Ah, time flies.

I’ll update soon with a reflection on this whole experience. Until then.



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reunited and it feels so good.

It had been a long time. Too long. But finally, your favorite funemployed gals are reunited.

After separating for the holidays, K and I met up tonight at Local 16 for a little vino and dinner — a tradition we started the night before we got laid off. To say we didn’t at least see something coming would be a lie, so before the assumed impending lay-offs, K and I sought solace in a pizza and two bottles of Vinho Verde.



We kept it classy (let’s be honest, cost-conscious) this time around and only grabbed one bottle as we chatted about our holidays and how nice it was to have a good chunk of time off without having to battle for vacation days. Conversation naturally turned to looking back on our crazy year and what we want out of 2013. Safe to say we’re pretty excited about what’s ahead, y’all.

Oddly enough we also had the same waitress, who remembered us from that fateful night. We laughed, we hugged (literally, she hugged us when she left), and we tipped well even though we can’t afford it. I mean all she wants on New Year’s Eve is to hang out with her family and be cozy and warm in her favorite socks. She gets us.

Cheers to a new year with all the fresh starts, new beginnings, and welcome changes it will bring!



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i really hate seagulls.


‘Twas a big day for The Funemployed. We drove to visit our darling J (an old coworker) and spent an amazing couple of hours at Siesta Key. Oh, and we were attacked by a flock of seagulls.

Y’all, I’m serious about that. And I might be partially to blame. Naturally, they wanted our food. (Ummm yeah we had garlic and herb goat cheese.) We managed to scare most of them off the first time, except for this one, screechy, wretched beast. I’m not proud of this, but I was verbally bullying this seagull, saying all sorts of terrible things about him and his family and whatnot. I thought I had finally broken his spirit when he flew away, squawking like a little you-know-what.


Five minutes later, we were ambushed. And my fowl/foul friend was the ringleader. I just know it was the same one, okay? There were wings hitting our backs, chips flying in the air, people around us in hysterics laughing at our expense — you get the point.

Seagull attacks aside, the beach was absolutely picturesque. And as if the day couldn’t get any better, we then hit up the Daiquiri Deck, a fine establishment with happy hour specials every day, an oyster bar, and delicacies like deep-fried alligator tail bites.


Now, S and I are listening to The Lumineers and splitting a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. I really have no complaints about life.



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